Israel Escape Rooms

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Exciting Adventure

The escape room is a superb option for friends searching for an adventure that is beyond the humdrum routine, and is a unique family outing, an experience that builds cohesion among workers, or an original idea for an extraordinary birthday celebration.

What is an escape room?

Team Work

In order to succeed, the group must collaborate closely as a team, think outside the box, and to be attentive to small details, all this in a race against time – within 60 minutes the mission must be carried out and escape from the room.   

Interactive adventure

An escape room is an interactive experiential adventure, during which groups of people are confined together in a closed space. They are asked to work together to exploit all the elements in the room – to search for clues and solve riddles that lead them in the end to fulfilling their mission and escape from the room.  

Mind Challenges

In the InsideOut Room, you not only seek to escape, you also try to solve the mystery. What are you doing anyway in this room? The answer to this question will draw you into a twist-and-turn adventure that will demand from everyone taking part to be an integral, active part of the team, in order to fulfill the mission.

   What is special about InsideOut?

Unique Challenges

The participants will pass through different spaces, while they are asked to carry out a mysterious mission. Throughout the experience, the participants will encounter endless numbers of surprises.  

Realistic scene

InsideOut is built as a reality set, aimed at inserting the participants totally into the atmosphere and the story.   

Unforgettable Activity for Special Events

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Team Building
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Marriage Proposals
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Bachelor/ bachelorette parties
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